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From gold-panning to large scale industrial mining, our Nation’s recent history is closely related to mining.

Pre 1900’s

Tahltans were the first miners in Tahltan territory and have mined obsidian since time immemorial.

Tahltan involvement in more traditional mining and exploration began in the mid 1800s when gold was discovered on the Stikine. During gold rush periods, Tahltans worked as miners, packers and guides. Tahltans saw very few benefits from mining and our population was drastically reduced due to disease.


  • 1947: small hard rock gold mine opened near Cassiar
  • 1951: asbestos mine opens in Cassiar
  • 1950-1960: Tahltans worked in the mineral exploration industry


  • 1987: Resource development policy ratified for Tahltan Nation
  • 1987: Golden Bear Mine
  • 1991: Snip Mine
  • 1995: Eskay Creek Mine opens

Early agreements negotiated by the Tahltans included: cash payment, contracts and employment (road construction and maintenance, JV catering, preferential contract bidding).


As a Nation, we are leading the way to develop in a way that balances health and well-being, a strong future for our Nation and the obligation to protect the lands and waters upon which we depend. We are working hard to make sure our Nation and our people are closely involved in any mines that do business in our territory.

Our Nation is more involved than ever before; we are seeing more and more benefits from resource development.

Recent agreements include:

  • Eskay Creek Mine Impact Benefits Agreement (2004)
  • Galore Creek Mine Impact Benefits Agreement (2006)
  • Tahltan Nation Shared Decision-Making Agreement (2013)

We are always looking to improve, and we hope that each agreement is better than the last. Events like Mount Polley and the Tsilhqot’in Decision are changing our approach to resource development in our territory.