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Our economy is diverse and growing.


The Tahltan are proactively involved with initiatives that increase our peoples’ economic success while continuing to build on the foundation of our traditional economies, which include fishing, hunting, berry picking, gathering medicinal plants, tanning hide and bead working.

The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation plays a major role in this development.

The TNDC was established in 1985 to enable the Tahltan Nation to fully participate in the economic activities and development occurring within Tahltan traditional territory and to provide employment, training and contracting opportunities to Tahltan members.

The TNDC provides a network of specialized contracting and consulting services for the building construction, forestry, hydroelectric power, mining and road construction industries as well as support operations in administration and accounting, ground transportation to remote sites, heavy equipment hauling and a mechanical shop for heavy equipment.

Its primary focus is road construction and maintenance, earthworks and heavy construction, gravel and mine tailing hauling, remote industrial camp operations and building construction. The TNDC owns and leases a modern fleet of heavy equipment and haul trucks that enable the company to carry out a variety of work. Through its subsidiary, Spatsizi Remote Services, the TNDC also provides camp catering to several clients.

TNDC operations are guided by the Tahltan Resource Development Policy and the 1910 Declaration of the Tahltan Tribe. These documents affirm Tahltan ownership and sovereignty over the Tahltan territory and establish guiding principles that resource developers must adhere to when operating within Tahltan territory.

Founding Principles

When TNDC was found in 1985 it had these principles to guide us with our vision:

  • Create a new economic opportunity in the Tahltan territory
  • Make decisions based on the Tahltan values and vision
  • Have significant participation in all new ventures
  • Create realistic employment opportunities from developments
  • Protect the environment and way of life
  • Create real jobs and improve skills

Business Operations

  • TNDC earns all its revenues from contract work through its equipment and its people
  • TNDC receives no funding from any level of government
  • TNDC borrows money and leases equipment
  • TNDC pays GST and PST