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The Galore Creek Mining Corporation (GCMC) offers bursary awards for Tahltan members pursuing post-secondary education, which includes university and college programs, as well as accredited skills-upgrading programs.


Applicants will be eligible for bursary consideration if they are:

• Enrolled or accepted in a post-secondary educational program in Canada.

• Of Tahltan ancestry. Applicants must provide confirmation of Tahltan ancestry, including names of Tahltan parents and grandparents. Validation of Tahltan ancestry will be provided by the Tahltan Central Government (TCG).


Academic bursary awards are granted to students enrolled in a university degree program or university transfer courses (towards a degree program) or a two-year diploma program at a community college. Five Academic bursary awards will be available this year: two valued at $2,500 each, two valued at $2,000 each, and one at $1,000.

Non-Academic bursary awards are granted to students 18 years and older enrolled in any accredited post-secondary course or programs (that are not associated with a university degree program). Students younger than 18 may be considered if they are accepted into an accredited trades program. Eligible programs also include BC Adult Graduation Diplomas and General Education Development Certificates. Five Non-Academic bursary awards, each valued at $1,000, will be available this year.


Applicants must complete an application form available on the GCMC (www.gcmc.ca) and the Tahltan Central Government (www.tahltan.org) websites. These forms will be available in August. The application form requires that applicants provide a brief personal summary of the following areas:

• academic achievement;

• community involvement; and

• educational; and

• career goals.

Bursaries are not restricted to educational programs directly related to mining, but special consideration will be given to applicants whose career goals relate to the mining industry. These goals should be clearly described in the applicant’s personal summary.

A Selection Committee composed of GCMC, Tahltan representatives and independent adjudicators will review all applications according to the above criteria and select bursary award recipients.

Applications must be sent via applicants own email to gcmcbursaries@gcmc.ca in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Note that only emails with attachments (e.g., PDF files) less than 10 MB in size will be received by GCMC’s email system.


Applications are available in mid-August on the following websites,

http://www.gcmc.ca and the Tahltan Central Government website,

http://www.tahltan.org Applications MUST be received by GCMC via applicants own e-mail at the following address, gcmcbursaries@gcmc.ca, no later than midnight on **October 8, 2015. **

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For the application form, please click the below link to download.

GCMC BURSARY Application 2015