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At the 2017 Tahltan Central Government Annual General Assembly the members of the Tahltan Central Government approved the following resolution:

That the TCG collaborate with the other shareholders (Tahltan Band and Iskut Band) of the Tahltan Heritage Trust to begin accessing the interest funds from the Trust on an annual basis and utilize such funds annually to help support Tahltan students and trainees. The funds should be made available for anyone with Tahltan ancestry in pursuit of employment & training certificates, high school upgrading, post-secondary studies, trades programs and any other reasonable programs that help Tahltan members become meaningfully employed in the workforce. A special education and training board, made up of representatives of all three government entities and other Tahltan members, should be established to create proper policies and make decisions around disbursing the funds fairly to all Tahltan members.

The Tahltan Central Government has begun the process of implementing this resolution and is seeking applicants to be part of a new Tahltan Education and Training Advisory Board.


The Education and Training Advisory Board will develop policies and make decisions aimed at fairly distributing new education and training funding to our members. This board may also be tasked with making decisions and distributing various scholarships available to the Tahltan membership from year to year. The board will be expected to meet at least bi-annually and will receive travel allowance and honorariums for their participation. The board will also report to the Tahltan Leadership Council from year to year and have their annual activities communicated to the Tahltan people at the TCG’s Annual General Assembly and within other Tahltan communication outlets. Over the next two weeks we will accept applications from Tahltans who wish to participate on this board. Successful applicants will be selected by the Tahltan Leadership.


In order to participate in the Education and Training Advisory Board you must:

  • be of Tahltan ancestry
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • complete and submit the attached application form

Additional applications forms can be picked up from the Tahltan Central Government office.

Click here to download the application form – Application Form – Training and Education Advisory Board 

Applications are due by October 22, 2017 and can be submitted in person at the Tahltan Central Government office or by email to director@tahltanworks.ca

If you wish to apply and do not want to fill the above application form, welcome to write a personal statement and send to the above email instead.

For more information please contact Adrian Carlick at: director@tahltanworks.ca