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VICTORIA – Red Chris Gold and Copper Mine, situated on one of the largest and highest-quality copper and gold deposits in the world, will soon be in full production – providing family-supporting jobs and economic benefits for First Nations and all British Columbians.

The Red Chris Mine, which will employ 350 workers, including many First Nations people, is located about 18 kilometres southeast of the Tahltan village of Iskut and 80 kilometres south of Dease Lake and the site occupies around 660 hectares on the Todagin Plateau between Ealue and Kluea Lakes.

Today, the Ministry of Energy and Mines issued the Mines Act permit amendment for the Red Chris Mine. That means six new mines have opened since 2011.

To keep B.C.’s economy diverse, strong and growing, since September 2011 the BC Jobs Plan has been building on the strengths of the province’s most-competitive sectors utilizing B.C.’s own educated and skilled workforce.

In April of this year, Tahltan Central Council members voted to accept a co-management agreement with Imperial Metals and Red Chris Mine. The unique agreement ensures Tahltan oversight of environmental issues surrounding the mine. It also guarantees training and careers for Tahltan members, and a revenue-sharing agreement.

The tailings storage facility (TSF) at Red Chris Mine has been the subject of three independent reviews – including one commissioned by the Tahltan Central Council – to assess seepage and design considerations. The mine has also done an extensive review of their subsurface hydrogeology and has made adjustments as per third party review recommendations. The mine has successfully demonstrated to the chief inspector of mines that the TSF has performed as designed.

The mine is serviced by the new Northwest Transmission Line, which was completed in 2014. Copper and gold from the mine will be transported to the Port of Stewart where it will be shipped to overseas markets.


Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett ─

“This is a significant achievement made possible through a tremendous amount of collaboration between Imperial Metals, the Tahltan Central Council and this government. This mine will provide hundreds of good-paying jobs for members of the Tahltan Nation and residents of the nearby communities.”

“We’ve come a long way since the 1990s when the reputation of B.C.’s mining industry was severely damaged. The opening of the Red Chris Mine is further evidence that the mining industry now sees B.C. as a good choice for investment.”

Tahltan Central Council President Chad Day

“Expanding the mine to its intended capacity will make the jobs, training and other benefits that we are using to build our Nation possible. From here on our environmental oversight role – an important part of our agreement – will also start to expand.”

Imperial Metals Corporation President Brian Kynoch

“Imperial appreciates the opportunity to work in one of the world’s best mining jurisdictions. Receipt of our final Mines Act permit at Red Chris is another milestone in our path toward establishing Imperial as a major employer and industry player in the province of British Columbia.

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