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All classes (FNLG130, FNLG133/233, FNLG158/258) will be from 9-4 each day with an hour for lunch and held at Northern Lights College.

The only exception are FNLG 130 tutorials (130tut) which are 2 hour sessions each Tuesday evening and held in the students’ closest home community (Iskut, Dease Lake, and Telegraph Creek).

FNLG 130 Practical Phonetics – Amber Blenkiron

This course will focus on the sounds of Tahltan and using the Tahltan Alphabet to read and write what we hear.  It will be very ‘hands on’.   

FNLG 133/233 Tahltan Language – Angela Dennis

Learning Tahtlan in the classroom.

Similar to IED 159 that Odelia Dennis taught for the UVic program.

The two sets of numbers , 133/233, is so that new students get credit (133) and students who took IED 159 can also get credit as a second year student 233.

FNLG 158/258 Tahltan Language Immersion – Amber Blenkiron

Immersion time in the language, so lots of listening and speaking Tahltan.

SFU FNLG 158/258 is roughly equivalent to UVIc IED 158 which Dr. Trish Rosborough taught.  Those that took the course with Trish will get credit for this course as 258. 

The schedule is made up of 3hr block classes, so for example on Saturdays, Angela will be teaching the Tahltan language course FNLG 133/233 for six hours 9-12 and 1-4. Whereas on Oct 12 the morning will be 130 (practical phonetics) and the afternoon class will be 158/258 (Immersion).

If you are interested, please contact Lynda Edzerza <ledzerza.is@gmail.com> for more information and to apply to start or continue your Tahltan language learning journey!

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