Meet your 2019 Executive and Family Representative Candidates.

Welcome to the Tahltan Central Government Voting Guide. To help inform membership before this year’s election, we invited each candidate to share a short message introducing themselves and their platform. Please find their submissions below.

2019 President Candidates

It has been an honour serving our Tahltan people as President of the Tahltan Central Government.

Since leading the TCG our staff has grown from four people to a fully functional government with several new departments and nearly 30 full-time staff. We treat our TCG staff as family and ensure each department is efficient, accountable, and properly supported to be successful.

The Tahltan Nation is benefiting from more revenue-sharing and capacity building agreements than ever before. In fact, in less than five years we have grown the Tahltan Heritage Trust from 7 million to nearly 40 million dollars. As a result, our trustees will be creating processes with the Tahltan people to begin spending portions of the income from the trust on an annual basis.

Training and employment opportunities, as well as financial support for Tahltans have improved significantly. Every Tahltan now has access to free and flexible education and training dollars.

We began supporting our Elders with free accommodations at important meetings, travel allowances and quarterly payments. We also established the Youth Council, Elders Council and Leadership Council to ensure we make decisions together and improve Tahltan governance.

We established the Culture & Heritage Department to focus on cultural revitalization and working with Elders more than ever. We must incorporate more Tahltan culture into all our governments and important structures.

TCG has continually taken more control of Environmental and Wildlife management through building further capacity and investing in our people. In addition, the Tahltan Land Use Plan is almost complete and will result in protecting vast areas of our territory that are important and sacred to us.

I created the Healthy Active Tahltans initiative five years ago and we have raised over $200,000 that has gone towards our sports teams and local fitness initiatives. I have lived a healthy and sober life style over the past three years and I am always aiming to improve myself as a father and a leader.

If the Tahltan people continue to support me as TCG’s President, I remain fully committed to improving the lives of our people and increasing the independence and capacity of the Tahltan Nation.

Thank you to our amazing TCG staff and all those other Tahltan people and partners that contributed to our success. We are achieving so much together and I hope to work with you for years to come! Klane Nedischa!

Greetings Tahltan’s,

My name is Gayleen J. Day, I belong to the Crow Clan, and my parents are the late, Doreen and Fletcher Day. Both of my parents are from the Tahltan nation, Doreen Dennis is the youngest daughter of the late Louise and Hyland Dennis, Fletcher Day is the eldest son of Amy Day. My parents were Big Game Outfitters all through my life, right up until they both passed on, so I was taught how the land can provide a wealthy living. I am a strong believer of our cultural and traditional values and how it has sustained our people since time of immoral.

I bring to the Tahltan’s my traditional knowledge along with a western education, which I would like to pass down to the next generation by being the Tahltan Central Government (TCG) President in July 2019. I had the pleasure of working with the best leaders of the past in both TCG and the Tahltan Band throughout my working career. My home-base will be Telegraph Creek BC.

TCG has to continue to be a government that is willing to invest in their own members, and is willing to help them achieve their goals and dreams in life. One way is by looking at other sustainable resources, such as, the Cannabis Industry. The leaders of the day can make this happen, and the Tahltan’s can be the wealthiest nation due to this plant. We have the best soils and the best water to grow anything we desire in Tahltan Territory. The Tahltan’s can become Canada’s biggest Cannabis distributors, we have the ability to do it all on our own, without any outside funding influence. I can guarantee that within my 3 year term we will be able to open our 1 st Cannabis faciality that will generate nothing but profit forever.

In closing, I am a very outspoken person and always will be, but I will only speak to the facts. I will continue to ask the hard questions to help our members understand what they are about to sign away, when it comes to any agreement that involves our land in the exchange of money. It is my duty as your President to inform its members.

2019 Vice President Candidates

I have 30+ years of community-building skills. I have worked with youth through counselling-type one on one work, through foster parenting, through sports, and through community outreach. I have a Masters degree in Leadership from Royals Roads University. My wife and I have four adult children and 18 foster children. My experience and my education allows me the ability to create long term success while managing day to day operations, without getting into micro-managing.

Platform and priorities
To assist the Tahltan nation in designing a governance structure that incorporates our culture. Since the Tahltan nation is made up of the family system versus the geographical system we need to invest in this system. This investment will increase the functionality of the families to assist them to become stronger, help them to adapt and to find new ways of coping with change while bringing forward our customs.

Strong families equals a strong Nation. This strengthening of families means that individuals within the families are strong and have coping strategies and pro-active social skills which allow them to reflect the traditional values of our ancestors including independence and self-sufficiency.

I am concerned with the plan around how our youth are being serviced by the Nation and how we ensure that they are prepared for all the opportunities that may be presented to them. It is important that we have good relationships with agencies such as the school district, police, health agencies and sports organizations.

I understand that as a Nation we need to be concerned with wildlife management, the environment, stewardship, political autonomy, titles and rights but if we do not have healthy communities and people it is like we have an endless hole in our bucket.

My first priority is to help build collaborative partnerships across many systems to build our approach to regrowth after many generations dealing with the impacts of colonialism.

I believe in the importance of collaboration and inclusion. These beliefs reflect the traditional values of the Tahltan people, versus the individualistic, competitive, capitalistic nature of the larger population.

Dneze hotieh, Tsundy Ushyeh, Tlegohin nasdeh. Thudga kime ja’astin. Ch’iyone edats’ehi. Good afternoon, my Tahltan name is Tsundy, it means light shining on the water. My English name is Heather Louise Hawkins and I live in Telegraph Creek, BC. I am part of the Thudga family and I am from the wolf clan. My matriarchal Estsu is Echamma (Violet Carlick nee Brown). My patriarchal Estsu is Emma Hawkins nee Dennis. I have 3 children; Trysten, Violet and Kats’īnma. Es’galena is Ya’ te (Khris Day). (My spouse’s name is Khris Day)

I would like to thank you, the Tahltan people, for the opportunity of being your elected Vice President for the last two terms (5 years). It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve my Nation. I would be very thrilled and grateful if I have the opportunity to continue my work. I have been very much involved at all levels in decision making with our Executive Team and Board of Directors. Much of my work has been with the Lands Department and our THREAT team. Together we ensure all projects in our territory are environmentally accountable according to Tahltan standards.

My vision for my Nation, the Tahltan Nation, is to protect and maintain healthy wildlife populations to sustain our people for thousands of more years. I believe that through the completion and implementation of our Land Use Plan and Tahltan Constitution we can have a healthy balance of responsible mining, and clean energy projects to achieve economic independence going forward. Through our land use plan, we would be able to identify which areas that are considered sacred and are to be absolutely left untouched by industrial activity so that we can practice responsible development in designated areas mandated by our Tahltan people.

I can offer my people, the Tahltan people; accountability, honesty, transparency and I am adamant about ensuring our Tahltan ways are included with everyday business.

I have been recently blessed with two beautiful baby girls. I know that the decisions we make today, together, will affect their lives and very likely, their children’s lives. I keep these notions very close to my heart and carry it with me throughout my work and I will not lose sight of what is important. Our Land, Our Water, Our Air, Our Elders, Our people, our language and our culture, these are the pillars that hold up our Tahltan Nation.

My English name is Carlene and my Tahltan name is Ke’ets’edih Eghadani, which means Teacher Woman. The name was given to me by my maternal and paternal grandmothers. I come from the Chiyona Clan and the family group of Simgalteda. I am a proud mother of two sons, Brendon and Charlie. In 2017, I graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree with a concentration in Indigenous Education from the University of British Columbia. I was the recipient of the Sharpe Family Graduation Prize as head of my graduating class.I made the choice of moving back to the territory to utilize my skills and give back to my nation by working with the future leaders in the Tahltan territory.

It is my vision to support and nurture the ongoing efforts in:
-language and cultural revitalization
-to offer increased support for education and skill development endeavours
-health and mental wellness initiatives
-inquire about and explore environmentally sustainable ventures

This will see our Nation as not only front runners in industry but also that we honour our culture and environment by exploring sustainable ventures that will showcase Tahltan values, stewardship and our strong connection with the land.

What I offer:
-an strong understanding that as an elected leader I serve the people of the Tahltan Nation first
-integrity and professionalism
-loyalty and strong family values
-dedication and consistency
-honesty and transparency
-dialogue rather than debate


2019 Secretary Treasurer​ Candidates

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2019 Family Representative Candidates: Carlick

2019 Family Representative Candidates: Cawtoonma

Hello Tahltans!
My Tahltan name is Teh.kah.che Ma(frog mother). I am a member of the Tses.k’ clan and I currently live in Dease Lake, BC.

My grandparents are Archie and Nina Nehass, and my parents are Brian and Fannie Lindstrom, and I am married to Duane Callbreath.

Currently I am employed as a heavy equipment operator and have worked within our traditional territory for the last 34 years. I have worked for the Tahltan Band doing community work, youth work, health rep., and as a secretary. I have been employed as an assayer at the Snip Gold Mine and Golden Bear mine. I have also taught pre-school for a number of years.

My other interests are painting, carving, sewing, gardening, and photography. To say the least I have acquired many skills and a great variety of life experiences.

This marks my first step into the preservation and care of the Tahltan Nation. I truly look forward to this experience and opportunity. As your family representative I will be available to hear and put forth your concerns, as well as maintain communications within our family.

My vision of our future is one that exercises the right to prosper in our homelands and beyond our borders. I would like to see more learning opportunities given to our people from the persons of expertise and companies that work within our borders. The tourism potential of our area is huge. We should begin looking into this sector of business.

I would love to see more culture camps and Tahltan language, art, and traditional medicine classes. We need to take advantage of all our Tahltan experts! There should also be cultural activities for the Tahltans outside our borders as well. I would love to see our beautiful homeland and culture shine.

I would like to thank my family members who put their trust in me to represent our family in this election. Meduh!

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2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​Eth’eni

My name is Angela Sladen. I am a grand-daughter of Mona Edzerza and the eldest daughter of Bill and Val Adsit.

I am married, a mom to 10, and a grandma to 11. I had the privilege of being a foster parent for 13 years and raised 11 children along-side my 5.

Currently, I am an MBA Candidate and the Executive Director of an economic and community development organization in Edmonton. Prior to this, I was a business owner and an entrepreneur.

I was encouraged by my father, other family members and Ken Edzerza, to put my name forward as family representative. My top priority is to help build the capacity of our family unit to both serve our family and our Nation as a whole.

I am a strong believer that in order for individuals and communities to move forward positively and successfully, we must honor our past and embrace and improve the present to prepare for the future. We have no control over our past, but we have a lot of control over our present and our future.

As the family representative, I will work hard to help organize our family into a cohesive and collaborative community who support each other and work together to create a hopeful future for our families. As an Indigenous elder once said, ‘We don’t help each other because we are a community, we are a community because we help each other”. The more connected our family is, the stronger it is. This family connection must reach to family members wherever they are. Every family member must feel as though they are a part of the larger family and an important contributor.

I see my role as family representative to speak on behalf of our family. We have a responsibility to listen to, honor, and respect the collective wisdom of our elders and family members so we can move forward with strength, mutual understanding, new ideas, and accountability.

I believe the leadership/advocacy skills and education I’ve acquired over the last 20 years will be a strong asset for our family. My passion and vision for our Nation is to help create healthy communities, build strong families and make ‘home’ a place our children and grand-children want to live in and visit often.

I look forward to serving our family and community.


My name is Stacey Day-Hanik. I am the eldest child of Norman Day and Jan Anderson, and the eldest grandchild of Fletcher and Doreen Day (nee Dennis). I am hoping to join the TCG team as the Family Representative for the Eth’eni Family.

I had the good fortune of growing up in two different worlds. During the school year, I lived in White Rock. But every summer, we moved to the Day’s Ranch. I chased horses with my cousins, rode out on the hunt with my grandpa and uncles, and learned to cook in the bush with my grandma. I continue to have a love of mountains and hunting. I can close my eyes and still taste the morning dew of Camp Island Lake, smell the aroma of campfire coffee, and feel the anticipation of sampling Grandma’s campfire donuts. I appreciate that our territory truly is God’s Country.

I pursued an education at Thompson Rivers University. I achieved a diploma in Events and Convention Management, then advanced towards a business degree in Tourism Management. I gained planning and organizational skills, which I plan to use to bring our family together.

I have a vision. I have ideas, motivation and enthusiasm. I aspire to keep all members of the Eth’eni Family “in the know”. I want us to know who our family members are, and to understand issues and platforms before casting a vote. I intend to keep our members informed on our FB page and be available to address any concerns.

I do not live in the Tahltan Territory, but I have lived in Telegraph Creek, both at the Ranch and in town. I care about our Elders, customs and traditions. My ability to communicate effectively in “both worlds” will be one of my strongest assets.

You may be concerned because Chad is my brother. I can assure you that Chad has to work twice as hard to earn my support. We have our own thoughts and opinions, and they do not always align. Regardless of who wins the Presidency, I will ensure that person is held accountable. I will always put the needs of our Nation first.

The most important thing you need to know is that I have integrity. You can trust me. You can rely on me to be capable, productive, and honest. Our Eth’eni Family  is strong and we can make a difference! I want to help do just that.


Deneth etie, Teneal Nole Osh ye’h.

I have lived in our Tahltan territory most of my life 30 years; with the only exception of living in Smithers for 4 years during school. I see the struggles of being in the area and seeing families come and go first- hand.

I want to represent our family as that Voice in the North. I have been married for 13 years and my husband is also a member of the Tahltan Nation, his family is very cultural and traditional, we live the culture and teach our children and others. We have 2 children aged 9 and 12 and, in our community, there is very little for them to do; we must make things happen for them.

I have never really been involved in the politics of our nation, however over the past 8 years seeing how our communities are impacted by change, I feel that my voice is just as important as the next person. I honestly felt intimidated by leadership roles due to the abuse people endure in these roles. After much thought and self-reflection, I figured if I can be a housing manager, criticism is nothing new to me, as my current position is very critical.

I like transparency and I am very vocal with my concerns and give praise where praise is needed. I am very motivated and take great pride in what I invest my time into. I’m very passionate and feel strongly that we need a voice in the north on Tahltan territory because we see what’s happening and we are directly impacted by any decisions that are made. I am the future generation. It’s my turn to step up, I am wanting the mentorship from my family to help me grasp my leadership skills. Therefore, I am putting my name forward to represent our family and hope I get your support. My interest is only to ensure that our children have the same chance to live and love their territory as much as I do.

I would like to point out that I created the Eth’eni family group YEARS ago in an attempt to fill the communication gap that we had and it has been successful; however I would like to have more family connections, meetings, gatherings to keep our family connected both with political updates and most of all to get a better understanding of what our family wants and needs are.

I am not one to make rash decisions without guidance. I have many ideas on how I can connect with family, and meeting everyone is a priority as we have a long list of members that live off the territory that a lot of us have not met. I would love to have the opportunity to be the one to fill that gap. I feel there is a big importance and a benefit for someone in the area to hold this position. I also plan on using my knowledge of the culture and traditions when sitting at the table for these meetings as I have been living this lifestyle for a long time. My family harvest the food from the land, and we live here year-around, we know the struggles firsthand being here year-round. This brings a strong passion due to the struggles we face daily in our little communities, but also the rewards of being able to call this our full-time home.

I come from a line of strong women, my direct line is Mary Etzerza, Daisy Henyu, Verna Callbreath, Hazel Sharko and myself. I will do my best in advocating for our family if I am supported in being the Eth’eni family rep!

2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​Etzenlee

My name is Ann Ball, Sade’ t ‘ ēdē (Sunshine Girl, as shared with me several years ago from my Great Aunt Ev Rattray). I lived within our Tahltan Territory for over 25 years and understand both our culture and our Tahltan territory quiet well. I still own a house in Dease Lake and now live in Telkwa for the past 10 years. I have a degree in Business and obtained my heavy equipment operator certification in 1992. I return to our Tahltan territory quiet often and assist with many community initiatives including traditional funerals and eulogies as well as support many events for the children. I also return home every summer to our fish camp and attain the funding for the Literacy/Culture Camps. I have been participating in the Tahltan AGA since I was 23 and am very active in the knowledge of our Government. I am also on our Tahltan Education Board of Directors and have developed most of the bursaries through the mining companies over the past 15 years.

I work in the mining industry for 30 + years and have been involved in many aspects on several of the exploration/mining properties throughout our territory. I have worked with TNDC in the past and am now employed by a mining company in the field of Community and Indigenous Relations. I have knowledge in the Environmental Assessment process as I was involved from the beginning to the end of an environmental certificate in the past.

I keep myself informed on all of the Projects whether mining, hydro, community development, etc. within our territory and will strive to inform our people on facts so they can make informed decisions. I believe that as a Family Rep we are not just accountable to our individual TCG Families but to the Nation and have to conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner. I plan to represent the Etzenlee Family in a respectful and knowledgeable fashion and will share factual information as I acquire it and strive to help our Nation on being informed. I set up a Face Book Group for our family a few years ago and post information on there as I obtain it.

I plan to keep doing that as I move forward in my new role as the Etzenlee Family Rep. I believe that families should all seek to be organized and I plan to assist anyone who is interested; as sometimes it just takes a little bit of organizing to help things advance and make us all better communicators. I will push for funding to be available so families can organize their structures and have better communication throughout our Tahltan Nation.


2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​​Good-za-ma

2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​​​Dekama (Quock)

Hello all. For those who don’t know me, my name is Arlene Corcoran. I am the grand-daughter of the late Emma Hawkins (Dennis) and Herbert Hawkins and Andrew Quock Sr. I am truly grateful to have been nominated for our family representative for the Tahltan Central Government organization. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of two (with steps, lol). Our mother, Catherine, unfortunately left us at a very early age, but our father, Joe, was instrumental in maintaining our relationship with our family in Telegraph Creek after mom passed. We managed to visit every summer with Grandma Emma and Grandpa Herbert. It was definitely the highlight of my childhood. Should I be successful in becoming our family representative I look forward to learning as much as I can so that I can convey accurate, current and meaningful information to our family members to the best of my ability so that they can make informed decisions for our Tahltan Nation. I will admit that I have not been able to attend any TCG AGMs in the past, but I have sat in on information sessions and subsequently realized the importance of our 10 families’ input to this governance. I would like to wish all the best to all who are running and I look forward to attending the AGM this year…… Meduh!
Hi everyone, my name is Tina Van Mierlo (Quock), and I am a member of the Dekema (Quock) family.  I am honored to have been nominated for the Dekema (Quock) family rep elect position. I have lived in our Traditional Tahltan Territory for the past 15 years and I am hopeful of becoming the family representative board of director for Tahltan Central Government.

I have been an active BOD for three years, so I feel that I am thoroughly capable of handling the responsibility that is given to this board position.

I believe we make better decisions working together. In the past 3 years I have seen our leaders bring constructive leadership setting at the round table. This is how great nations are built by building and maintain relationships. As a result, we have diffidently progressed in a positive manner. We all have Tahltan dreams. My dream for our Tahltans is building our tribe up working together so the Tahltans would be more successful in the future. It has been truly an honor to serve on the board and I hope to continue. If chosen for the family rep, I have multiple ideas that I think will make our family more organized. I am looking forward to hearing from family about your ideas moving forward. Medu.

2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​​​​Shoe Kawk/Howd-A-Ghtte

​Hi to all Shoekawk Family Members. My name is Lee Marion and I would like to be the Family Rep, for the Shoekawk Family.Born and raised in Telegraph Creek.Spent my summers at 6 Mile fish camp with my grand parents Mike & Dora Williams (my mothers parents).Have fond Memories of them and will cherish them forever.I enjoy hiking , hunting and photography.

Tahltan Central Government has made significant changes since I started as the Family Rep, in the fall of 2015. Tahltan Central Government just started to receive benefits as I got on the board. Meduh Cho to the previous leadership. I’m not going to make promises.The structure of Tahltan Central Government is ongoing.

Wildlife and fish needs more work. What bugs me is anyone can walk into any B.C. government office and buy permits to hunt and fish in our traditional territory.This BS. Hunting and fishing permits should be issued ” ONLY ” at our Tahltan Central Government office in Dease Lake. This way we control the number of permits issued!

The mines could shut down tomorrow. Our wildlife is ” OUR FOOD BANK” or as some would say ” OUR SUPER STORE ” . Talk about Climate Change , during my hikes in late April 2016 and 2017, I’ve seen grasshoppers.This spring , I saw grasshoppers on May/09/19 in Telegraph. Last summer in 2018. we had 40 to 50 degree celsius downtown Telegraph. During the 2018 wild fire in Telegraph , I did take part in the cleanup down town . The folks down Glenora way lent brush cutters,weedwackers , rakes and generators. ” A BIG THANK YOU ” to all that donated equipment to help make the clean up the job down town a lot easier.

This spring I’ve been out cutting roads and trails out.

Would be nice to have the family Rep, for the Shoekawk Family that lives in the heart of the Tahltan Traditional Territory.So all Shoekawk Family members vote with your heart!

Take care Lee

Mindy is a proud Tahltan woman from the Howd-A-Ghtte family. Her late father, Andy Henyu’s, parents were: the beautiful Clara Henyu (Brooks) and Lawrence Henyu. Her mother is Cree from Saskatchewan. She is also a proud mother of three: Nathan, Malayna and Kristopher.

Driven by her indigenous roots, Mindy strives to lead a purpose driven life that advocates for indigenous rights and shares that passion through her work on the TNDC board, FSJ Women’s Resource Society’s board, her continued efforts to advocate for women’s rights and equality, along withher career in indigenous relations for the past 20 years in the oil and gas sector. Her reputation demonstrates compassion, integrity & fairness.

Mindy began reconnecting to the Tahltan community through: coming back to the territory, attending the AGAs, participation on the Land Code Committee, Tahltan Governance Committee, and most recently a director for the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation. When our Tahltan community suffered from the 2018 wildfires, Mindy felt compelled to help. She worked to fundraise within her workplace in Fort St. John to raise funds to purchase groceries where she delivered a truck load of food to the drop spot in Prince George. Her people mean the world to her and she understands our Tahltan people are rooted in the wisdom of Nanok and connection to our land, our water, our animals and fish while we also pursue economic self-reliance to prosper our communities for the long term.

Mindy commits to being accountable to delivering the concerns, ideas, and issues that are reflective of the Shukak/Howd-A-Ghtte family members through communicating, sharing, advocating, and following up with members regularly. Mindy is a solutions-based performer and her intentions for this role will be to support and collaborate meaningfully with the family group as well as all members of the TCG board, leadership and all members.

2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​​​​​Simgaldtada (Ts’imgalteda)

My name is Kimberley Marion

My Tahltan name was given to me by my grandmother Sarah. Nakāwmā My second name was given to me before she passed so I now introduce myself as Sah pī. I represent the Ts’imgalt’ēde.

My husband, Calvin and I have raised 3 children in the territory. Devon, Shayl and Haley. We have run a family business for the last 16 years in the Nation

I have been a community leader and a volunteer for the past 20 years. I have been involved in the rec center, community hall, and parent advisory committee. I have been the Founder and manager of the Tahltan selects hockey teams since 2013. With an amazing group of parents, I was asked by my family to be their voice at the TCG table for another term. I am honored and will do my best not to miss meetings and will strive to keep as many members as informed as possible. I will ask the hard questions and continue to try to do the best job possible for my family and members of TCG.

My goal in this next term is to concentrate on community building & sustaining our economy to support the people that want to live here. I believe this is a really important issue to a lot of us, because who is going to protect your rights and title when our young families are moving away. It’s been quite the experience with TCG in the past five years. We have accomplished so much. I have been honored to work with such a great team. I encourage our members to go to update meetings & Stay informed


2019 Family Representative Candidates: ​​​​​​Stikine Claw/Thicke

Thank you to the Tahltan Central Government and our people for this opportunity to put my name forward in this election as candidate for Stikine Claw/Thicke Family Representative.

My mother was Peggy Kerr (Anderson) and her mother was Jean Jamieson (Callbreath). My grandma’s parents were John Frank Callbreath and Kitty Tstosa; Kitty’s mother was Stikine Claw. I am also a proud member of the Tahltan Band.

I was born and raised in Whitehorse, the place I continue to call my home with many of my Stikine Claw family, and where we raised our children. The north, my family and my Tahltan heritage help ground me. I feel so fortunate for these strong connections – whether I am in Tahltan country with family and friends or in my hometown of Whitehorse.

My mom was a single parent and our family enjoyed tremendous love; and also struggles, which helped shape both my personal and my professional perspective. Not a single day goes by that I do not call upon the values my mother instilled in me – I am so grateful for her strength and her guidance. These values include:

Fairness and Justice: speaking truth to power in a good way; and encouraging others to find and use their own voice.

Integrity: upholding on my commitments; being truthful and principled in my decision-making.

Transparency: being open about my decisions and my actions; building trust by listening and sharing information.

Competence: self-improvement by challenging the status quo, being curious and being committed to lifelong learning.

What I Hope to Contribute

  • Creating different ways for the Stikine Claw/Thicke Family to come together on important issues and to share information.
  • A passion for inclusive approaches so that everyone feels heard and is a part of creating our government.
  • Over 30 years’ experience working in government with northern communities and First Nation governments on economic and community development, housing and infrastructure, human resources development, arts and culture, and sport and recreation.
  • Strong governance, program and policy experience that supports building transparent and responsive government.
  • Extensive experience providing advice to a decision making board (Yukon Lottery Commission) and being a current board member on Tahltan Nation Development Corporation, and other boards (education system and women’s shelter).
  • Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University (2014), Queen’s Business School certificate in Governance (2010).

Please reach out to me at:

Phone: 867-633-3531 or 867-334-5860
Facebook Page:

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2019 Family Representative Candidates: Thud ga

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