TCG’s rebranding is the result of hours of research, strategy development and co-creation, in collaboration with Tahltan cultural and language advisors. The outcome is a brand strategy and visual identity that responds to our primary goal: that the Tahltan Central Government brand becomes a bridge for communications between internal and external stakeholders, promoting the well-being of our Territory, economy, society, culture, language, health and education.

Why Tāłtān?

Tāłtān is Tahltan spelled in the Tahltan language.

Fundamental to the cultural past and future of Tahltans–and indisputably unique–is the Tāłtān language. Standing the test of time, it is a clear symbol of the power of communication and a beacon for future generations. While the stylistic and artistic interpretation of logos and symbols may come and go, and sometimes even alienate, a language unifies and leave its indelible mark.

Tāłtān is set in a customized bold face, influenced by historical artifacts and sacred places. Extended and slightly curved, the T references daggers and arrowheads carved from obsidian. The diacritic macrons above the A resemble snow capped mountains. We constructed the typeface to create a solid and proud mark representing Tahltan people and their bold history.

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Branding Elements

Illustrated by Tahltan artists, these elements reference the traditional shapes found in Tahltan beadwork. The elements are stylized using a dotted line to reflect beading. When paired with colour and imagery, they create an authentic visual language.


We chose the brand colours by referencing traditional Tahltan artwork and textiles, creating a palette authentic to our culture and versatile for government and public use.

The Evolution of Our Brand

“Incorporating our culture into the TCG’s brand will not only help define us culturally but also as a Nation.”

Ann M. Ball, – Etzenlee, Family representative

“I love that our new brand is incorporating designs from our ancestors and that we are using the proper pronunciation of Tahltan.”

Carmen McPhee, – Good-za-ma, Family representative

“Our brand is bold and will stand out because the design principles are based on the history of our culture and language.”

Jodi Payne, –Cawtoonma, Family representative

“The use of our shapes is really powerful because they have so many different meanings to our people. It defines Tahltan without saying any words.”

Kimberley Marion, – Simgaldtada (Ts’imgalteda), Family representative