The Tahltan Central Government would like to share that the following Nominations have been received by the closing date of Sunday March 31, 2022:


President: Chad Day, Curtis Rattray, Beverly Slater, Dakota Williams
Vice President: Ken Edzerza, Heather Hawkins, Sheena Seymour
Secretary Treasurer: Ann Ball, Freda Campbell, Sandra Marion

Family Representatives:

Carlick: Bill Brown
Cawtoonma: Carl Carpentier, Jodi Payne
Eth’eni: Lily Belhumeur, Roddy Day
Etzenlee: David Rattray
Dekama (Quock): Natasha Callbreath, Arlene Corcoran
Good-za-ma: Annita McPhee
Shukak (Shoe Kawk/ Howd-A-Ghtte): Mindy Henyu
Stikine Claw/Thicke: Vacant
Thud ga: Emma Carlick, Trysten Derrick, Clarence Quock Sr.
Ts’imgalteda (Simgaldtada): Kimberley Marion