Tahltan Central Government Education & Training Department

The TCG introduced two funding programs in 2018 to provide supplementary financial support for Tahltans pursuing post-secondary education and training opportunities:

1. The Post Secondary and Trades Training Program

2. The Short Term Training and Certifications Program

These programs are administered by the Tahltan Education Director and are available to all TCG members. Click here for more details – Tahltan Central Government Education & Training Funding Programs.

Working alongside the newly formed Tahltan Education and Training Advisory Board and TCG Leadership, TCG Education & Training Department will be responsible for administering new funding programs, establishing stronger relationships with post-secondary and training institutions, and advocating for the Tahltan people in pursuit of education and training opportunities. We will also help administer new scholarship opportunities through government and industry. We can reimburse tuition fees and course costs that occurred between May 1 – August 31 with receipts.

Freda Campbell
Education & Training Director
Email: educationdirector@tahltan.org


Tahltan Band Education Department

The Tahltan Band Education Department supports long-term students and post-secondary students to achieve their education goals through guidance and funding support.
To apply for funding through the band (2018-2019)
  • Step 1:  Contact the band office for a post-secondary package.  Please provide copies of your transcripts, birth certificates of all dependants, your status card, band number, and proof of Canadian residency for the past 12 months.
  • Step 2: Submit completed post-secondary package and all forms to the band office by March 1st every year.
Please note: Tahltan Band does not provide funding for trade school. However, there are Apprenticeship Grants programs available through the federal government. Additional information and opportunities may also be found on British Columbia’s Industry Training Authority (ITA) website.
Isabel Reid
Education Coordinator
Email: isabel.reid@tahltan.ca

Iskut Band Post-Secondary Student Support Program

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program objective is to improve the employability of Iskut Band members by providing them with funding to access education and skills development opportunities at the post-secondary level.
  • April 30th: If applying for the fall semester (September)
  • August 30th: If applying for the winter semester (January)
  • December 15th: If applying for the spring semester (May)
  • February 28th: if applying for the summer semester (June)
Applicants are highly encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience. You do not have to wait for the deadline.
Norma Louie
Email: normalouie@iskut.org
(250) 234-3331