2020 Dease Lake Bootcamp

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Students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Please fully complete each form, date and sign. Then fax the 2020 Bootcamp TCG Application Form, the 2020 Bootcamp Participant Information Form, an image of your status card or a letter from the TCG confirming membership, and a resume to 250 771 3020 or scan and email to educationdirector@tahltan.org. All of these documents are required and an application without any of them will be considered incomplete.

Tahltan members who would like to apply for the 2020 Dease Lake Bootcamp can get application forms from the TCG Office, the Peoples Haven, the Iskut Band office, the Tahltan Band Office and on the TCG website (see above). There are 2 application forms, the TCG Application form and the Participant Information Form. Both forms need to be filled out completely and either faxed to 250 771 3020 or emailed to educationdirector@tahltan.org with a copy of your status card and a current resume.

If you have any questions about the 2020 Dease Lake Bootcamp please contact:

Darcie Quock 
Iskut Band
(250) 234-3331

Shirley Nehass
Tahltan Central Government
(250) 771-3274

Freda Campbell
Education Director
Tahltan Central Government
(250) 631-9447



Tahltan Central Government Education & Training Department

The TCG introduced two funding programs in the summer of 2018 to provide supplementary financial support for Tahltans pursuing post-secondary education and training opportunities:

1. The Post-Secondary and Trades Training Funding Program

2. The Short Term Training and Certifications Funding Program

These programs are administered by the Tahltan Education Director and are available to all TCG members. You do not have to be a Status Indian to access this funding but you must be a member of the Tahltan Central Government and your information must be current. To apply to be a member or to update your information click here – https://tahltan.org/membership/


For the TCG Education & Training Department Funding Program Polices and Application Forms



Working alongside the newly formed Tahltan Education and Training Advisory Board and TCG Leadership, TCG Education & Training Department will be responsible for administering new funding programs, establishing stronger relationships with post-secondary and training institutions, and advocating for the Tahltan people in pursuit of education and training opportunities.

The TCG will also help administer bursary opportunities through local industries. For information on Tahltan specific bursary opportunities CLICK HERE

The TCG Education & Training Department will also be responsible for bringing training programs that support local industries and local businesses to Tahltan territory. These programs will be designed to assist Tahltan members obtain employment and start businesses. All training programs will be advertised on the TCG website, Facebook Pages and emailed on the TCG distribution list. All Tahltans will be eligible to participate but must reside in Tahltan territory for the duration of the programs.

For more information please contact Freda Campbell, Education & Training Director:

Freda Campbell
Education & Training Director
(250) 771-3274 ext. 22
Email: educationdirector@tahltan.org