2018 HATs Sponsors!

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General Sponsors

We are so grateful for the companies who partner with us and support the Healthy Active Tahltans initiative.

With the support of our industry partners, the HATs movement has:

  • Hosted several health education events in Iskut, Dease Lake, and Telegraph Creek;
  • Sponsored Tahltan hockey teams to attend more than 20 hockey tournaments;
  • Provided t-shirts and health-related basics for hundreds of Tahltan youth and people; and
  • Sponsored several other community-lead initiatives related to health and fitness.

The continued success of Tahltan Nation is intimately tied to the health and wellness of our youth, and the health of the BC economy is intimately tied to the Tahltan Nation. We hope that the Healthy Active Tahltans movement both inspires and empowers the our people, particularly our youth, and supports one another in our quest to thrive as healthy individuals, families and communities.

Thank you to all those who support HATs this year through donations, volunteering, and encouragement. We are truly appreciative!

Nedischa and keep up the good work!