TCG Mentor Apprentice Program (MAP)

The TCG Mentor Apprentice Program (MAP) is a Language Department program initiative. The MAP’s primary goal is to provide structured programming that facilitates the development of fluent Tāłtān speakers through a close partnership between a Mentor (fluent Tāłtān speaker) and an Apprentice (Tāłtān learner) in this unique setting.

The partnership between Mentor and Apprentice is a very special and collaborative relationship that requires mutual commitment to the program. Committed participants will be considered through a standardized TCG application process.


Develop fluent Tāłtān speakers.

  • Create a framework that facilitates a strong partnership between Tahltan Mentors and Apprentices to transmit language through the generations.
  • Create a safe and naturalistic environment for people to develop Tāłtān fluency (focus on speaking and listening proficiencies).
  • Select committed individuals as program participants through a standardized TCG application process.
  • Hold MAP participants accountable for their own success through regular check-in points and TCG reporting requirements.
  • Provide flexibility within the established framework through individualized program goals and schedules that are customized to TCG MAP participants.
  • TCG Members
  • Age – 18+
  • Successful applicants must have a Mentor(s) -Tāłtān speaker(s) – who is equally as committed to the TCG MAP.
    • Apprentices may have more than one mentor. Primary Mentors are required to be in the same physical location as the Apprentice while Secondary Mentors can be virtual.
  • Successful applicants are those who can demonstrate full commitment to the time and dedication required for successful program outcomes.
  • Participants are required to commit their time to a custom-made language immersion program as determined by the Mentor, Apprentice, and TCG Language Director.
    • Part time participant– up to 20 hours per week
    • Full time participant– between 21-35 hours per week.

To apply to this program – please fill out the below application form and submit. All fields must be filled out to be considered.

Serious applications only.

Application deadline is September 13, 2022.

Mentor Apprentice Program Application