Skeena Resources Limited is proposing the construction, operation and closure of an open-pit gold and silver mine located approximately 135 kilometres south of the Tahltan community of Iskut, British Columbia. The Eskay Creek Revitalization Project would produce up to three million tonnes of ore per year during a 13- to 16-year mine life. The Project is subject to a federal impact assessment process under the Impact Assessment Act and a provincial review under British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act.

Video Recording

  • The Tahltan Heritage Resources Environmental Assessment Team (THREAT) presented the Tahltan Lands Governance Framework EA Strategy and discussed the Tahltan participation in the Eskay Creek Revitalization Project review
  • Representatives from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) talked about the assessment processes
  • The Skeena Resources Limited gave an overview of the Eskay Creek Revitalization Project and discuss Tahltan involvement
  • General Q&A period at the end of the video

Frequently Asked Questions

The mine is proposed to be an open pit mine with on-site processing of the mined material by conventional milling and flotation to recover a gold-silver concentrate for provision to third party smelters. Tailings and potential acid generating (PAG) waste rock produced from this process would be placed in the existing Tailings Storage Facility, while non-acid generating (NAG) waste rock would be stored in a waste rock storage facility.

The mine will be constructed over 1.5 years, produce and operate for approximately 10 years, and complete closure over a three-year period.

During the construction period, there will be approximately 450-500 employees at site, while during operations, we anticipate having 250-300 people working at site.